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This site is intended for those people who like to build
(and even better: design)
paper models of houses and buildings.

And we seem to specialise in SimCity models!

I made a start for this site in 1996 by designing a paper model of my own house (scale 1:100) and a model of a lighthouse that everybody can download. And in the meantime a lot more models of other designers are added!

I hope there are more people who like this idea and want to contribute by designing a paper model of their own home (or other buildings they like) and sending it to me to put it on this site.

One of the suggestions I received was to include links to sites with cheap or free drawing software (CAD software). On the links page you'll now find such links as well.

If I know of any downloadable models to come, I'll put a notice on the The Coming soon page.

I hope you'll like this site!


Latest additions:

bulletDecember 26, 2006: Mullet Hi-Rise is added to the Downloads page!
bulletFebruary 2005: A model of a Prairie Grain Elevator from Bill Jones
bulletJanuary 2005: Still no additions but there the preview on the coming soon page is updated
bulletOctober 2002: SimCity 3000 Lighthouse
bulletAugust 2002: Heidi has arrived on the download page!
bulletAugust 2002: Site Statistics page added
bulletAugust 2002: Erik's model of the Investigator's Office building from SimCity 3000
bulletJune 2002: Erik's model of the People's Plaza building from SimCity 3000
bulletMay 2002: Thomas Church in Dresden, Germany from Lukas
bulletMay 2002: Erik's new model from SImCity 3000: Hampton's Apartments
bulletApril 2002: A model of Kame House from Lukas

If you want to contribute to this site or have any comments or tips please e-mail me or leave your comments or tips in my guest book.

I'm very interested in:

bulletOther links to put on this site
bulletPaper model layout's to put on this site for everybody to download (you might want to have a look at The Card Modelling FAQ by Steve Brown for ideas on how to create a paper model yourself).

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