Japanese Meiji Emperor and Empress
Silver Portraits

In the Meiji period Japanese silver artisans took over the western technique
to make portraits of persons in silver repousse .
These portraits of the Meiji Emperor and Empress where made around 1900.
These portraits were presented as a gift by the Emperor to Japanese
Noble families or high officials.
The Imperial mon is on the frame
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the Emperor
Portrait of the Meiji Empress
Shoken kotaigo (1849-1914),
silver repousse. Around 1900
Size with wooden frame 44 x 38 cm
Size of the silver panel 22,5 x 16,5 cm.
Painting of the Empress
The paper label on the reverse inscribed
"Shoken kotaigo son kei" (noble figure of the Empress),
"Meiji jingu kinenkan" (the Memorial Hall of the Meiji Jingu Shrine)"
and a red seal.
The silvered portrait of the Meiji empress is a pendant of the portrait of the Meiji Emporer.
But there is no signature of Unno Bisei on this portrait.
The style of the portrait of the Empress is also more formal.