Japanese Export Furniture

Particular emphasis on the Meiji Era (1868- 1912)



Chapter I ÉÉÉ.. Introduction

Chapter II ÉÉÉ.. Pre-Meiji Export Furniture and its Historical Context
a.Namban Period (1549 - 1639)
b. Komo Period (c.1639 - c.1854)

Chapter III ÉÉÉ. Social Context in the Meiji Era
a. The Reopening of Japan
b. Western Style Furniture produced in Japan for Domestic Use
c. Western Style Furniture exported from Japan
d. Japonisme and the Aesthetic Movement

Chapter IV ÉÉÉ Meiji Export Furniture
a. Lacquer Furniture
b. Marquetery and Parquetery Furniture
c. Carved Wood Furniture
d. Furniture Decorated with Cloisonne Enamels

Chapter V ÉÉÉ. Conclusions

a. Footnotes
b. Select Bibliography
c. List of Illustrations
d. Glossary
e. Chronological Table

PS: The numbers between the brackets( ) in the text of the chapters refer to footnotes,
you can find them in the appendix .

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