Portrait painting on silk by
Jirokichi Kasagi (1870 - 1923)

Portrait painting on silk
signed J. Kasagi
Lady Von Edelsheim
seize 65 x 47 cm
This is a very unusual painting for J Kasagi.
It is the only known painting on silk of him, all his known other works are watercolours on paper.
It shows the sublime technical painting quality of Kasagi.
Early 20th century many portrait paintings on silk were made in Yokohama of Western visitors of Japan. But I never seen before a
painting of this quality made by a Japanese artist in this style.
The portrait is from a German noble lady Von Edelsheim.
The painting is made around 1900.
When you own a watercolour by J. Kasagi please contact me
and send me a picture of the watercolour.
Nico Veenman

email: artnv@chello.nl

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