Hi all,

Let me introduce us to you. We’re UMAX, an amateur-based team of RPG lovers. Started back in 1990, first using the name PBS (Peter & Bob Softworks), later the name changed into UMAX.

In that period, MSX was dominated by Japanese game manufacturers who produced Japanese spoken games only. Due to the lack of understandable Dutch or English spoken games, we decided to make our own games.

Between 1990 and 1998 the UMAX team consisted of:

In spring 2005, UMAX rose from it's ashes. The new UMAX team consisted of:

Unfortunately due to continued lack of time by several team members, the new projects we had in mind couldn't be supported anymore. Therefore in 2006 it was decided to cancel the projects. It seems that Pumpkin Adventure 3 will be the last game created by UMAX.

We hope you'll enjoy our website,
The UMAX team members

Updated: Feb 2011

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