Pumpkin Adventure I

Pumpkin Adventure I was the first game that started it all. The Umax team was at that time not developed yet and contained just 2 members, Bob Keijner and Peter Meulendijks. They called their group PBS.

PBS logo

PBS, abbreviation for Peter Bob Soft Inc.

PBS made this game for fun only and it was never really released, only for free on one of the Sunrise Disk magazines. Ofcourse you can download it here for free too. PA1 was written entirely in Basic, because assembly was a big mystery to us at that time. The story of PA1 was utterly ridiculous, based on the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail with some heavy metal mixed in.

Title page Pumpkin Adventure I, dating back to 1991!

During the making of Pumpkin Adventure, a third member joined in: Maarten van Hoek, which was a classmate of Peter Meulendijks. When Pumpkin Adventure was finished we thought "We can do better than this" and so Pumpkin Adventure 2 was born.

Meeting the Knights Who Say Ni in Pumpkin Adventure I, based on the famous Monty Python movie "The Quest For The Holy Grail"