Pumpkin Adventure II

PAII was originally started by PBS corp, and the game was a large improvement over the first installment. It was still written exclusively in Basic. At a certain moment, we decided to present the game to Stefan Boer of Sunrise, who was surprisingly enthusiastic about it, and said Sunrise was willing to produce this game. So it started, Stefan joined our team and we changed the name to Umax.

Stefan composed the music for the game (we used to rip music from existing games until then) and also reprogrammed some critcal subroutines in assembly (the text print routine for example).

The Umax team made this game in about a year. At the release on the Tilburg Fair in 1995 it was a big succes. So big even that this made us just more enthousiastic to make more games. The result were the games Witches Revenge and Pumpkin Adventure III.