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Note: designed for Opera 8.0 to 8.5.

Last update 2005-JUL-29

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One of the most powerful features in Opera are its user stylesheet files. Opera comes with 11 of them, but I offer a couple more for download.
Note that in order to use these files, you must configure Opera to use 'My style sheet' in 'Author mode': go to Preference - Page style, and click the 'Configure modes…' button. Then select 'My style sheet' in both modes, and you can use user CSS files during normal browsing. Remember to enable at least AdBlocker.css!
To use, add the following to your Opera6.ini file. Do not put them in the Operadef6.ini file, as this file will be overwritten on a browser update. If you have no Local CSS Files section, just add it to the file (if you've ever enabled or disabled a user stylesheet, the section will exist).

[Local CSS Files]
Name 12=Mark alternate stylesheets
File 12=C:\Program Files\Opera8\Profile\styles\user\AltStylesheets.css
Name 13=Mark links with targets
File 13=C:\Program Files\Opera8\Profile\styles\user\Targets.css
Name 14=Improve quotes display
File 14=C:\Program Files\Opera8\Profile\styles\user\Quotes.css
Name 15=Enhance PRE display: wrap text
File 15=C:\Program Files\Opera8\Profile\styles\user\Pre.css
Name 16=Mark IDs and local anchors
File 16=C:\Program Files\Opera8\Profile\styles\user\ID.css
Name 17=Ad blocker stylesheet
File 17=C:\Program Files\Opera8\Profile\styles\user\AdBlocker.css

Place all the files in a good location, such as \profile\user\, and then change paths for your system.

Credit for 'Mark IDs and local anchors' goes to Lauri Raittila.

Credits (where applicable) are in the files.

You can also download my permanent user stylesheet. This fixes many problems, such as too small text:

Opera shortcut files:

And here are some other files for use with Opera:

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