Calculation- and Design services

PRODUCTS, COMPONENTS and SERVICES for the Power Generation and Turbomachinery Industry.



High Performance Diaphragm Couplings up to 70 MW at 3000 RPM. The maintenance free, "infinite life" coupling of the future for all extreme applications.


"Expand Hub" Hydraulic Inflatable Keyless Hubs for immediate installation, instantaneous dismount and full power transmission right away for any tapered and straight shaft end. Interferences up to 0,0047.


Lubrication Oil Systems for Turbines, Compressors, Generators and Gearboxes.


Special Fasteners Service for Flanges. Immediate Manufacturing, Balancing and Delivery of Sets of Bolts and Nuts. Metric, DIN, UNC, UNF, BPW, 12 Pt, D-head, Hex, Socket Head Balanced, Coated, etc


Alignment Products and Services. Laser operated Concentricity and Axial Distance Measurements. Immediate Read-Out of axial and radial positions of shaft ends.


Gear to Dry Coupling Retro-Fits. Studies, Engineering, Deliveries and Installation.


Engineering-, Supervision-, Installation- and Maintenance Services


"Indikon" Torque Measurement, Hot Algnment and Vibration Measurement Instrument

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