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AMIGA 1200

AMIGA 1200:

Motorola 68EC020 / 14 MHz, 2 MB RAM onboard

32-bit RAM expansion up to an additional 8 MB, significantly more 32-bit RAM may be added with an accelerator board installed

AA Graphics System, colour palette: up to 16.8 million colours (24 Bit),
256 of them displayable simultaneously or more than 640,000 in HAM8

Graphics resolutions:

from 320 x 200 pixels noninterlaced 50 Hz up to
1280 x 512 pixels interlaced 50 Hz or
640 x 480 pixels noninterlaced 60 Hz or
640 x 400 pixels noninterlaced 70 Hz and
many more freely programmable modes

Video and Genlock capable

4-Channel Stereo Sound standard, each 8 Bit DMA

Keyboard: 96 keys

Mouse: high resolution 400 dpi, 2 buttons

16-Bit IDE Interface for internal 2.5" harddisk, 44 pins

Floppy Disk Drive 3.5" DD internal, 880 KB AMIGA, 720 KB MS-DOS

1 x serial RS-232c (modem),
1 x parallel (printer),
1 x external floppy drive,
2 x mouse/joystick,
1 x video RGB (monitor),
1 x video composite (TV, video recorder),
1 x RF modulator (TV antenna),
2 x stereo audio

PCMCIA-V2.0 16-Bit interface for RAM (max. 4 MB, 16 bit), Ethernet, or other expansion cards

CPU Slot 150-pin internal, for memory expansion or accelerator board with bigger processor

Switching Power Supply 25 W external

Dimensions: ca. 490 mm x 250 mm x 70 mm (W x D x H)