(Blue Thumb BTS-44, 1972)

The space album

  • Fourth Day Of July. (Rapp) 4:55
  • For The Dead In Space. (Rapp) 4:05
  • The Baptist. (Rapp) 5:10
  • Summer Of '55. (Rapp) 2:13
  • Tiny Song. (Rapp) 2:33
  • Stardancer. (Rapp) 5:42
  • Marshall. (Rapp) 2:15
  • Touch Tripping. (Rapp) 4:55
  • Why Should I Care. (John Osborne, John Addison) 3:07
  • Les Ans. (Rapp) 1:50

A great album, Tom changed label (to Blue Thumb) and is in great form. The eerie voices and arrangements on Fourth Day Of July brings up memories of the Balaklava album.

The Players:
The list is quite extensive: Tom Rapp, Byron Bach, Brenton Banks, Roger Bissell, David Briggs, Wayne Butler, Kenneth Buttrey, Jim Colvard, Art Ellis, Jim Isbell, Sheldon Kurland, Mike Leech, Steve McCord, Charlie McCoy, Farrell Morris, Weldon Myric, Ron Oates, Harry Orlove, Bill Rollins, Buddy Spichter, Bob Taylor, Gary Vanosdale, Florence Warner, Bobby Wood, Reggie Young

My Favorites: Fourth Day Of July, For The Dead In Space, Stardancer, Marshall

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