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News 2009: The Shindig magazine has published in 2008 an update of Tim Forster's WCPAEB history (in three parts). The magazines are sold out, but the Shindig Anual book has republished the whole story and is still available.
For an one-hour interview with Tim, talking about the WCPAEB see YouTube.
The Dead Weather (including Jack White of The White Stripes fame) have recorded "A Child Of A Few Hours Is Burning To Death' as B-side of their latest single. Watch it on YouTube (studio version or Live version).

The MOJO Collections issue (Spring 2001) has an interesting "Psych Fest" feature including a 3 page article on the WCPAEB (by Tim Forster and Jim Irvin). Most of the story has previously been published by Ptolemaic Terrascope (see below), but it's good to see the growing interest in the music of the WCPAEB.

The label Sundazed has finally reissued the first three mindblowing albums: Part One; Vol. 2; and A Child's Guide To Good And Evil. Checkout the Sundazed website for more information.

The first WCPAEB album (Volume One) has already been reissued on both CD and LP by Sundazed. For more information see the Discography.

ca 1961  
New discovery: Bob Markley apparently has made another single prior to the WCPAEB period, and even before his "Summer's Comin' On" single! See the discography section for the details including some unique pictures and sleeve notes!
(Thanks to Mark Easter)

The Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine has published a very extensive feature about the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band in issues nr.26 and 27.
With thanks to Tim Forster, the author, and Phil McMullen, the editor of P.T., we are glad to present you a transcript of this article: The Legend of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.

See the Ptolemaic Terrascope Website for subscribtion and other information.

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All of the first album, along with the single "Sassafras", was issued on an excellent quality bootleg CD simply called "West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band" a couple of years ago. This is also the material that is used as the basis of the Sundazed CD (Volume Oen).
Also the three Reprise albums, along with the Amos album, have previously been issued as 2 "two-for-one" bootleg CD's i.e. "Part One" / "Vol. 2" (HEAD 3096), and " A Child's Guide" / "Where's My Daddy" (HEAD 3597).

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Every song in this album has been written, arranged, sung
and played by the group. No one censored us. We got to say
everything we wanted to say, in the way we wanted to say it.
Bob Markley.

(Sleeve note on Vol.2)