MP's Original Lyco Maker
- To save your doll hit the 'Print Screen'button on your key board (located above the 'insert' key. This will make a copy of the page for you.
- Open up an image program and hit ctrl+v or the paste under edit-->paste.
- Crop around the doll, clean it up and you are finished!
- Do not redistribute any props of this dollmaker or the complete dollmaker on your site.
- Make all the dollz you like, but please give me a link back if you use them on a website so others can find the dollmaker too.
- Dollz made in this dollmaker are NOT for use in the palace. Web use only, please. :)
> > Press F11 for a full screen < <
If the page loads too slow try this: wait untill all the props of the dollmaker are fully loaded, then click 'File' --> 'Save As' and save the dollmaker to your own computer. Now when you want to play, click on the saved html file and you can play offline! Also perfect when using a modem *wink*
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make your doll here make your doll here

shoes, slippers & boots

trousers &jeans

tops longsleeves

faerygear top fearygear bottom
dresses dresses/overlayes

official dresses corsets


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