Morx has his own corner at the WWW. He likes to play the board game Stratego. Morx plays online at, , and

He is one of the best 24 players on the World ranking list, making him a Master of Stratego.

He one of few players who has played in all the first editions of the World Championship.
The last few years he has played less, but he is playing more again. A recent tournament in Holland in 2014 showed he could still compete with top players

Most notable awards

World Champion Barrage Rotterdam 2002
World Champion Teams Mind Sports Olympiad 2005,2006
Champion at Kiev World Championship, Barrage Tournament 2008
Kiev Tournament was one of the strongest Barrage competitions in terms of quality of player attendance, many old Dutch and World Champions Classic and Barrage attended.
Dutch Champion Classic 2002
Captain of Den Haamers, Duch Champion Team Competition, 2000

Play Online

Play Online - Red and Blue

My own site, still in beta:
Red and Blue

Built as a showcase for an implementation of a game with HTML, Javascript and PHP and the first site to my knowledge that uses a database to store moves. This means games can be kept for a longer time.

Red and Blue is there for various reasons:

1 To keep my programming skills up to date
2 To play with friends
3 To show how I would implement an online version of a game
4 To have a front end for another long time thing I would like to achieve. Intention is to build one of the best AI players ever, based on human strategies.

Other projects

Board diagram editor Board Editor

For teaching and discussion board situations without having to draw them out.
Point and click and setup any Stratego Board.

Very old Stratego Quizz in made in Flash: Quizz

Made me smile when I saw this old piece of work from the times that I played 2-3 games per day on Metaforge.

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