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The Turkey site (see right corner link or click on picture below) is probably the largest amateur site about that country on the web. There are many others, but they have a PR-flavour or are purely commercial, advertising hotels, flights. I am not interested in that, but show what I liked enough to take a picture of. As I also like to provide extensive captions, and viewers add information to that, the site has a certain encyclopedic character.

Istanbul New Mosque and Bosporus


The Syria (see right corner link or click on picture below) site I build along the same lines, and after three visits has quite a lot to offer. The fact I do not understand Arabic and thus use English for my captions leaves some of the viewers lost without translation.




May 2010 I decided to start the huge job of scanning and editing the 10 thousand or so pictures of Italy from the eighties and nineties. That will take a long while but you can see the first results now, for the time being Rome only. 

Vatican museum


I visited this delightful country during late spring in 2014, visiting not just its capital and wordfamous Petra, but several of its major sights. It resulted in 2499 pictures.

Jordan Jerash 2013 0769.jpg