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Some people doubt if I got my information right. I do try and use some decent sources and think it is only fair I give an insight into the books I use.

As a general purpose resource I regularly use the Wikipedia on internet, as well as the Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopaedia Britannica 2008 Ultimate Reference Suite. Chicago:Encyclopædia Britannica.




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    In my mind the best guide for thorough exporation of the city. Just text, but soundly researched.
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    This is one of those books I love: very detailled, extensive information that helps you "on the ground", beware: not a tourist guide i.e. no hotels and such.



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Middle East (in a broad sense)

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Traditional / handicrafts

  • Turkish traditional art today. Henry Glassie. 1993. Ministry of culture of the Turkish Republic. Indiana University Press.
    A massive tome that covers any traditional art in Turkey, wonderful.