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Contacting me

I receive many messages, some as comments on my sites, some through mail. I try to answer most. But if I feel they are offensive, or asking things that I already inform about on these pages, I do not react. Also, I understand some languages, but not all words, so sometimes I simply cannot answer for lack of knowledge. In short: if you think your message makes sense to me, write it. If not: rather not.

A plea 

And PLEASE do not ask me to join Facebook, Hyves, MySpace or whatever! I never will. I am on LinkedIn, though.

E-mail Address (I earlier used other addresses, please only use this one).

Hours of Operation

Sites are in the air 7 x 24, I'm not.

A note of warning

Direct comments to my pictures are best written at the site, where each picture and gallery has a facility to write comments. However: I make use of the Pbase filter facility, which implies a comment will only be shown after I have read and accepted it. So if you write a comment, you will not see it unless I accept it. I do this because I am less delighted by the viewers that use the comment facility to start an argument on a political issue or send greetings to their friends. I have decided to NOT show most of them. Although I am glad that at least two viewers who lost contact after an earthquake got in touch again after years of separation thanks to this site. And: e-mail addresses are only visible to me - even if I "show" the message - unless you put them in your comment itself!!!!!

Some viewers write a comment as "private", they should note I cannot simply show that by accepting the message, it will still be "for my eyes only". So any comment of common relevance should be written without choosing the "private" option.