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Dick Osseman in the press

Yes, the press writes about me. Apart from the many blogs that I tend to find when I Google my name some serious newspapers in Turkey ran articles about my work. If you can read that language you can still check (links are in the headings).

Article in Radikal newspaper

To my surprise I found myself in touch with a newspaper writer, who had an "interview" with me through internet. The article did appear on January 31st 2006 and can still be read (if your Turkish is up to it). It concerns a "Lucky Dutchman", and that's me.

Article in Hürriyet newspaper

Then another newspaper used roughly the same material, so I was in the papers once again. This article of February 18th 2008 can also still be viewed, with the same proviso.

Article in Sabah newspaper

And then on August 19th 2008 another article started with a mistake in it's heading: it claimed I had 40.000.000 hits. It further states that was the number of people visiting my site. However, the counter on my site shows pictures-viewed, and as luckily most people do not quit after just one picture, the actual number of viewers must be much lower. But: the counter on my site today (April 10th 2010) is at 66185253. Not bad for an amateur.