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Frontal area of the new
model is even smaller
than the previous
356. In the background
is the Chateau de Versailles


IN September 1963 the new six-cylinder Porsche was introduced at the Frankfurt Show as the Type 901. However, it was not until last summer that I had a chance to drive a prototype, which impressed me very much with its handling and performance, although the carburation was not right.
More recently, I have been trying one of the first production models whose type number has now been changed to 911. I found it to be a great improvement in every respect. Like all Porsches, it is a rear-engined car using an entirely new overhead cam, aircooled, flat sixcylinder engine. This is a 2-litre with a bore of 80mm and stroke of 66msn. With a compression ratio of 9 to 1, it gives 130 b.h.p. net (150 gross) at 6,100 r.p.m. Maximum torque is l3Olb ft at 4,200 r.p.m. The engine is fed by special triple-barrelled Solex carburettors.
The 911 bears a definite fansily resemblance to other current Porsches, yet its lines are quite different. It looks sharper, with a more square front and rear and has a longer, lower appearance. The slim, wrap-round bumper emphasizes the clean lines. With a wheelbase nearly 5in. longer than the current fourcylinder Porsche (7ft. 3in instead of 6ft. lOin) room has been gained inside, and the 911 can now be called a 2 + 2. I would not say that two people sitting in the back would be very comfortable, but they can sit there. Other comparative dimensions show a gain of more than an inch in overall width and front and rear tracks.
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Handling is neutral with very little body roll. There is not much rear-engine oversteer.

The height is roughly the same at 4ft 4in. With a total overall length of l3ft 6.7in. the new car is ezactly 5in. longer.
A wooden facia with well-placed instruments is topped with padded leather. The fully reclining seats are well designed and comfortable; in the car I drove they were covered with a combination of leather and wool cloth. The wood-rim steering wheel is placed at the right angle and on the steering column are two convenient levers controlling the wipers, turn indicators and headlamp dipper.

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