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Press releases

On this page i have assembled some press releases and road tests about the Porsche 911. It represents a part of this car's history, and it makes for very interesting reading. To see a car being compared with its predecessor, a legend like the Porsche 356, or it's direct competition like the Jaguar E-type, just like it's the latest version of the family's saloon is almost funny. And, since it has been only thirty-five years since this car was new, it makes you really appreciate how far motoring has come in one generation.
plogo.gif (1754 bytes) Road and track, March 1965
'PORSCHE 911. The new 6-cyl model has many innovations but it is still unmistakably Porsche'
plogo.gif (1754 bytes) Autocar, July 1965
'Porsche 911, Road impressions'


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