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The carburettors: an easy job. There are complete overhaul sets for sale, with all the gaskets and small hardware that you need to get the job done. The rest is just cleaning and checking 
To start with, the old carburettors. These are truly works of art, with plenty of small channels and chambers that are mostly gunked shut. The black boxes on top were rusted through, and some replacements had to be found.

I tried to get everything clean just using chemicals, but that did not work. Sandblasting did the job, but that was a bit dangerous, as the dust had to be flushed out carefully.


Disassembled, sandblasted and all smaller parts zinc-coated. Looks like new again. All rubber and gaskets renewed too.

There is one item that needs checking: the bushings for the rods that open the butterflys might be worn out, and usually they are. Again, specialist help is needed.


Done! looks like new. Cant wait to fire this thing up, but some more work to follow...



The carburettors mounted to the engine block, with the air filter in place. This almost completes the engine.

I also mounted an extra fuel filter, just to be on the safe side. The original fuel filters are mounted inside the plugs on the carbs, but those are no longer available, and more difficult to replace.  


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