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First part of the engine assembly, the crank case. An easy job, just bolt it together as per the book. To prevent expensive mistakes i had some expert help during the engine assembly, in fact most of what i did was read the books and collect the parts (oh, and pay the bills ;-)
The crankshaft, all surfaces have been regrinded. At first it seemed only one of those was out of spec, but later on small (but repairable) cracks were found in some others too. Everything but the big end bearing has now been grinded to +0.25 oversize and polished.

The big end bearing was also worn too much. All experts told me this never happens, but the measurements told me otherwise. A new main bearing was fitted.

In this picture the crankshafts are in place, as well as the new main bearing.
This is where the crankshaft goes, below it you see the intermediate shaft, which drives the oil pump (not mounted yet), and the two camshafts through two timing chains.
The timing chains, driving the camshaft are worn of course, so they have to be replaced. A new set of gears is therefore also necessary, if you replace the chains but not the gears the new chains will wear out almost immediately.
This is how it all goes together. The oil pump on the left, driven by the intermediate shaft, connected to the crankshaft. Two timing chains also visible.
And finally the two halves of the crankcase can be closed. First job done..
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