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Building the engine

The final part of the engine is just building it together. Lots of work, but not too difficult taken one step at a time. Some photos:  
The ''achilles heel' of any Porsche engine: the chain tensioners.These are oil-filled tensioners that keep the chains under tension that drive the cam shafts. If  these get too loose, the chains might make the camshaft loose positioning, resulting in the piston hitting the valves, and a very expensive repair.

For these tensioners, you can buy restoration sets, which i used to overhaul them. There is also the option of upgrading to a hydraulicly fed tensioner, but that only seems to works on later engines.

Here you can see the almost completed engine. A brand new clutch is mounted, and new heat exchangers mounted.

The generator is also overhauled, again a job that you cannot do yourself. There are specialist companys that do this for you, exchanging the brushes, rotor if necesarry etc.

The gearbox, mounted over the clutch.This is the final result, except for the carburettors which i will install once the engine is in the car.

I was unsure if that was the proper order, but it seemed to work out OK, making it a lot safer to install the engine.

The final result, with the engine in place. The exhaust didn't fit very well, the outlet pipe needed some bending before i could make it fit.

Controls are also in place now, and a major job out of the way!


A final remark regarding some parts: stainless steel seems to be popular for the heat exchangers and the exhaust, especially if you buy your parts in the USA. My advise is not to do that and go for the normal steel ones.

Stainless steel looks very pretty and doesn't rust for a long time. The problem is that if you bolt stainless steel against normal steel, the normal steel will rust away much more quickly. This keeps your exhaust nice and shiny while the exhaust headers get eaten by a chemical reaction at the mating surfaces. Just a thought....

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