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So, this is where the fun starts: the engine itself. Most of the car is now complete, some last details to finish up (altough those 'details'will still take time).
The gearbox as i dropped it in a corner a few years ago. Actually it looked promising, not nearly as bad as the engine itself. Some work might have been done?
I got a set of gaskets/rubbers for it and started disassembling. After inspecting the gears everything was in good condition. All gears were undamaged, and the synchromeshes were fine too. I decided to put it back together as it was, except for the gaskets and seals of course. 
This shows the gearbox, ready for assembling. The startermotor was checked and repaired by a different company, specialised in such things. Easier and cheaper than doing it yourself, apart from the fact that they actually seem to know what the're doing...

The reverse switch gave me some grief, when tested it was fine but it didn't work when assembled. A replacement switch fixed that too.

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