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The interior of the car consists of the headliner, soundproofing, and the leather panels and seats. I did some of it myself, but the difficult work, like the seats, i left to the experts....
Working on the headliner. The material itself can be stretched and bent with some patience. You are supposed to use lots of clips to position everything, them glue it into place. The trick is to follow the double curvature of the roof without wrinkling it. It is easier than it looks, as long as you don't glue anything in place before  you are completely happy with the fit.
The end result. Looks the business eh? The fabric has got lots of tiny holes in it (which you cannot see in the photograph), giving it the original vintage look.
Rear seats and soundproofing into place...
The doors. This is a very difficult job, as it turned out the panels were a lot thicker than they were supposed to be, because of the new leather. When i installed everything, the lock didn't work anymore. It took some moderate violence to get that sorted.
Installing the seat mechanisms. The driver seat can be folded down, the passenger seat has a locking mechanism.
Everything in place, it looks fantastic! The seats themselves are filled with springs like an old matras, so when you sit down you feel like you're floating.


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