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Licensed to drive

A truly nerve-wrecking day: an appointment was make at the local RDW department to obtain the ultimate prize: a license plate.
This turned out to be very thorough examination of the car. Especially the steering and brakes get tested for defects.
Nothing mentioned about CO-gas tests or anything like that. The engine doesn't even have to run, if you can roll it inside it is eligible for a license plate.

However, the brakes and steering cannot be messed with, there are strict standards, as i was about to find out......

"Now this is a very nice looking car. However, i have a few remarks about it." Those were the words i dreaded to hear!

As it turned out, there was a serious problem: when steering the car to the leftmost stop, one tire came into contact with the frame, which we had not seen ourselves. Luckily i was offered a re-check on the same day, if the problem could be fixed.

With the help of Jan van der heiden, he problem could indeed be fixed and by 4 PM we were back. test completed, succesfully. All i had to do now was wait for the official papers to arrive in the mail. Probably the longest wait in my life!


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