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Pistons and heads

Brand new pistons fitted. Some cramshaft bearings needed replacement and honing too. Don't drop the clips into the crankcase!!
The cylinder heads removed and cleaned. When the valve seats are not worn too much, they can be reconditioned by applying some grinding paste and then rotating the valves in their seats, using a suction cap.
And repeat that six times...
How did this picture get in here? No, thats not me, i don't know who that is....
The valve stems checked and fitted with new caps. The top part is in the oily bit and the bottom part in the inlet, which is the cause of high oil consumption in many older engines.
Done. An impressive lineup!
New cylinders to go with those new pistons. Cylinders can be honed if necessary, but it was actually less expensive to simply replace the lot.
And here the heads are mounted. This engine is now seriously putting on weight. Some horsepower required to shift that thing, and were not even halfway. To be continued....
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