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In the winter of 1995 the stripdown of the car was started. Every part that was at all salvageable had to be removed, cleaned and categorised. As a precaution i took about 15 photos for every day that i had to spend on it. Most of the parts were already removed and thrown together in cardboard boxes. I cleaned everything, tried to find out what went where (which is not as difficult as you might think). Then came the dirty work. The car had to be cleaned of tectile and rust. Sandblasting it would be much easier, but you can only do that when the car is almost clean. If there is too much rust, the sanding grid will soon be full of dirt, rendering it ineffective. In total, i spend about 60 hours.
strip1s.JPG (27108 bytes) The inside of the car was the first problem. tectile under the dashboard, almost unreachable without breaking my back. Then came a nasty surprise. The bottom of the car was badly rusted through. This would have to be replaced, on both sides.
strip2s.JPG (20863 bytes) Here is another view of the interior. The woodwork, steering wheel and instruments are all in good condition.
strip3s.JPG (23133 bytes) The front wheel suspension. This is a fine example of how difficult it is to see if a part is useable or not. Everything  seemed ok, until later on the suspension arm was sandblasted. Large holes showed up at a very critical place, and full replacement was necessary.
strip4s.JPG (20225 bytes) And yet another nasty surprise. Notice the part just after the door in the left rear wing? Somebody has been practising welding. Lesson 1. Start on something expendable.
strip5s.JPG (22706 bytes) This is the inside of the car, the passenger seats are shown. Here the tectile was very dry and hard and could be easily stripped away with a paint stripper.
strip6s.JPG (32022 bytes) The front of the car, after removing most of the dirt. By now you will probably not believe that this is going to be a good looking automobile sometime, but believe me, it will! Just browse to the next page for the first improvements on the bodywork.
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