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The car

Brand & Type Porsche 911
Year 1966. First registration June 2th 1966
Type 2 door coupé
Nr of cilinders 6 cilinder, Weber carburators
Engine 1977cc, Serial Number 907 000
Engine power 130 HP at 6100 rev/min
Empty weight 1080 Kg
Chassis serial Number 304 385
Tires 165 HR 15
I found this car at a local oldtimer restoration specialist, who had bought it to fix it up for rallying. Having driven mostly Peugeot in rallys, his sponsors asked him for something more 'spectacular' like a Porsche. He looked around for one and finally bought this car from someone in Germany, who had spent some time and money on it but then left it to rot in an old barn, a fate not uncommon to oldtimer cars. The problem was it's year of build. Since it was supposed to race in a 'before 1965' category, some minor changes would have to be made.

Later on these changes proved to be not so minor, but almost impossible. And, given the state of the car, at lot of time and money would have to be spent, and the car was once again abandoned. And this is the state that i found it in, back in 1994.

CarSideS.JPG (20068 bytes) At a first glance, the car seemed incomplete. Most of the interior had been removed, no windows, etc. As it turned out, almost every part was there, the car was disassembled and most of the expensive stuff was in a reasonable state.
CarHdOpS.JPG (24951 bytes) Notice the gearbox, the air filter and the heat exchanger lying inside the hood compartment. There was also a lot of stuff that i really wouldn't know where to fit, so this is going to be an interesting puzzle. The rest of the parts included the chairs, and a set of very nice Fuchs wheels. O, and six original porsche wheelcaps in good condition.
CarFrntS.JPG (20172 bytes) The body turned out to be the worst part of the entire car. A lot of rust, and several holes in the underside, the result of standing outside in the rain for many years. Notice the hole at the rear wheel suspension, it is a short wheel base version, proving it's age to be correct. If i had known how bad the body really was, i would probably never have started this at all.....
CarEnginS.JPG (24929 bytes) There were actually two engines with the car, a 2.0 liter and a 2.2 liter. The 2.0 is the original engine, so that will be the one that i am going to fit. What to do with the second one i don't know yet. Maybe some of the parts are exchangeable, but i doubt that. If it fits i can probably use it as a spare.
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