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Around 1974 I bought my first camera: a Zenit. The first years I only photograph for the family album . Some years afterwards I had my own doka and then became enthusiasm only larger. By means of a colleague I ended up at a local photograph club and the photograph virus got more and more grasps on me. Several techniques I have tried out the last years and have applied, firstly exclusively in black and white. Beginning 1989 I set up with some other photographer collective "The IJsselgroep", of which I share now still determine. From 1992 to end 1999 I was member of the "Kollektief Eper Kunstenaars". Present I feel also particularly attracted to digital treating my negatives (digicomposities), what kind of me an additive is on the conventional black and white work and also an enormous challenge. Sometimes I not even use of a camera, but come about the plates with a flatbed-scanner. Only the end product counts and it determines for me not with what kind of technical apparatus which comes about. I am glad as also others of my work (my mental misleadings) enjoys.

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