A generative bibliography of Frisian syntax

Eric Hoekstra, Royal Netherlands Academy, Amsterdam
Willem Visser, Frisian Academy, Ljouwert

Articles on Frisian linguistics are by and large written in one of the four relevant languages: (i) West and, to a less extent, North Frisian, (ii) Dutch, the official language of The Netherlands, in part of which West Frisian is spoken, (iii) German, the official language of Germany, in part of which North Frisian is spoken, and (iv) English, the international language. In the interest of scientific communication, a bibliography is given below containing those articles on Frisian syntax which are written in English. A lot of excellent articles have appeared, which have been written either in Frisian, Dutch or German, and thus are not accessible to the international English-speaking community: tragically, language preservation is not in the interest of scientific communication. This bibliography is largely based on the bibliography of Sybren Dyk & Jarich Hoekstra (Ta de Fryske Syntaksis (1987:40-43), Fryske Akademy, Ljouwert), and a thematically ordered follow-up by Willem Visser, which is constantly updated.

A Introductions

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B Articles

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