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Where Chefs Eat

"..Unassuming Sie Joe is a commendably authentic little slice of Jakarta and a welcome change from the myriad rijsttafel joints..."

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Editor's Choice @WeekendNotes

Lionel Lee wrote:
"..I can't say if Sie Joe is the best Indonesian eatery in Amsterdam but I can vouch for the authentic slices of Jakarta in this little homely place operated by a lovely family..."

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Sie Joe @ Go'kväll | SVT Sweden

"..On their daily show Go'kväll of october 18, 2012 they had a tour in Amsterdam feature. We were filmed what's like about Indonesian food cuisine. You can watch the whole broadcast of this show here!..."

Sie Joe @ Opium | Avro TV

"..Taken from the program Opium which was broadcasted on Avro Television on october 26th, 2010. Our restaurant was featured in their show..."

The Rough Guides Dir...

ASIN/ISBN: 1843533065
"..small Indonesian café-restaurant whose great value-for-money menu is far from extensive but comprises well-prepared, simple dishes..."

EasyJet Inflight Magazine

"..this cosy Indonesian restaurant is open for lunch and early dinner. Expect quick service from the efficient, open-plan kitchen.."

Amsterdam Tourist Info...

Rosina Majid wrote:
"..traditional Indonesian cooking, remarkably priced delicious meal on your travels, Sie-Joe is the most convenient diner for you..."

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"..a small non-pretentious restaurant for lunch and early evening dinner.Best value found so far in the heart of Amsterdam.."

Let's Go.com

ASIN/ISBN: 0312305591
"..Hole-in-the-wall where you can get great Indonesian lunch and early dinner at good prices, especially as compared with nearby Indonesian stops.."

Budget Europe

ASIN/ISBN: 0062771205
"..This is an unpretentious hole-in-the-wall, dishing up tasty specialties that recall The Netherlands longtime Indonesian influences.."