If you like this borderset, take it, it's free to use on your own personal homepage.

Please do not include the set  in any graphics collection of your own or modify them for that purpose in any way.

Please link back to my graphics page (http://members.chello.nl/evandrut), using one of my banners and/or stating the name "Webdesign by Mousekowitz Cats".
I would like it if you would let me know when using one of my bordersets so I can see the result.

To copy the background, rightclick and choose "save  background as". To copy the graphics rightclick and choose "save image as". To copy the menu as set below,   I added to the source (between brackets) notification when starting and ending copying the code. You can also take it from the main bordersets indexpage, but do not forget to set the right colorcode.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Font used: Tristan, color #000000