Werchter, Belgium
Keith In Werchter Belgium 1998
Keith '98 - Click to enlarge.
Saturday June 20, 1998
Werchter, Belgium
  1. Satisfaction
  2. Let's Spend The Night Together
  3. Flip The Switch
  4. Gimme Shelter
  5. Dead Flowers
  6. It's Only Rock'n Roll
  7. Saint Of Me
  8. Out Of Control
  9. Love In Vain (web choice)
  10. Miss You
    -- Introductions --
  11. You Don't Have To Mean It (Keith)
  12. Wanna Hold You (Keith)
  13. Little Queenie (center stage)
  14. The Last Time (center stage)
  15. Like A Rolling Stone (center stage)
  16. Sympathy For The Devil
  17. Tumbling Dice
  18. Honky Tonk Women
  19. Start Me Up
  20. Jumping Jack Flash
  21. Brown Sugar (encore)

After a football match on two large screens and after the Simple Minds, the best supporting act I've ever seen in a Stones gig, the Stones show started at 21.30. After starting with a great version of Satisfaction and a lot of fireworks came Let's Spend the Night Together, Flip the Switch and Gimmie Shelter with the fantastic vocals of Lisa Fisher.

Dead Flowers was next with Mick on guitar, followed by It's only Rock 'n Roll (crowd went wild), Saint of Me and Out of Control. Mick played the harmonica on Out of Control, his voice sounded very good and his condition was as of old, he ran along the stage as usual. The webchoice was Love in Vain followed by Miss You with the excellent sound of Bobby Keys.

Then the band was introduced and Keith was about to sing two songs: You Don't Have to Mean It (reggae) and Wanna Hold You, Keith said breaking a few ribs is not as bad as dying. A bridge came out of the stage and the band moved to the small stage (just like in the old days) and their they played: Little Queenie, the Last Time (!?) and Like a Rolling Stone. They walked back to the main stage where they started the final act with Sympathy for the Devil, the crowd of 60-70.000 people sang along. Tumblin' Dice, Honky Tonk Women, Start Me Up, Jumping' Jack Flash and Brown Sugar completed this gig.