G'day mates!!


On this site you'll find some pictures of our Grand Aussie Tour. We had lot's of fun

cruising around for 27 days on the Connections bus. 


Due to the limitation of our server we can only post a small amount of pics.

But Philipp, Bruce and Regula have photo-albums with more great impressions for you

to enjoy. Just check out the links on the left.


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To view the larger pictures you have to click on the small pics (thumbnails). As I haven't

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You can use the frame on the left to navigate through this site. Another possibility is

to click below on the Aussie map to see the photo's of that particular part of the trip.

(For those who have never been to Australia and never paid much attention 

during geography......Sydney lies in New South Wales, in the right lower corner).



On the map (above) you can see the route we took. The "Grand Aussie Tour" actually consisted of

Two seperate parts: The eastcoast and the Outback. The eastcoast part kicked off in Sydney, driving

up north to Cairns in 15 days. On the way we stopped at great places like Byron bay, Whitsundays,

Frasier island and the Great Barrier Reef. 

From Cairns we flew to Alice Springs. That's where the outback adventure began. From Alice we

made a cirle via Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kings Canyonback to Alice Springs. At nights we set up

camp and slept under the stars which were very visable because of the clear desert sky.

After that, we drove straight up to Darwin, the most nothern city of Australia. The outback trip

took 12 days.

Take a look at the photo's and get an idea of the great time we had in Ozzie!!



Francisco & Mireille


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