Here Are some songs that were played frequently on our tour. I've tried to make it possible to download the songs from this page, but it didn't work. So if you really want the song, you might have to find other (illegal?) ways to download them. It's possible with "Kazaa".......but you didn't hear that from me!

Eastcoast Outback
A little less conversation - junky XL (ft. Elvis) Waltzing Mathilda - 
We like to party (Venga bus is coming) - Venga Boy's The phone book song - Scared Weird Little Guys
Beautiful day - U2 Outback club - Lee Kernaghan
Land down under - Men at work Bawdy song (X-mas day) - Scared Weird Little Guys
We are the world (extended version) - USA for Africa Come to Australia - Scared Weird Little Guys
  Shopping and parking - Scared Weird Little Guys
  Home among the gum trees - Lazy Harry (or others)