name : Farid Mazari
phone nr. : +316 - 559 111 54
website :
date of birth : 24-03-1967
city : Alkmaar
education : H.B.O. Social Pedagogic / Stanislawski Method Acting
Length : 1.89 m
weight : 88 kg
size of shoes : 42
eyes : brown
hair : black
voice : bariton/tenor
profession : actor/trainings actor working for Re-Act (Peter Post)


- Worked in 2006 at Caravan Stage Company played in Vanishing Currents, played a main role as Dice. One of the camp directors of the refugees. Toured to Haarlem, Rotterdam, Amsterdam (NDSM), Leeuwarden and other cities, played on a ship and between the audience on a tower. Did acting and singing. Directed by Paul Kirby (Canada) (played in English)

Worked from september 1999 till march 2004 at ZID theatre a theatre company in Amsterdam, played for adults and children. For adults and youngsters we played Dictionary of Nomads, I played a main role together with two other actors. We played in Holland but also in Colombia, Servié, Bosnié Hercegovina and Russia (St.Petersburg). And we play free different plays for children like Nomadsgame, Playground of your Dreams and Always Travelling. (Director Karolina Spaic) We also did streetperformances, performances in galleries and a lot of other activities. And I also gave workshop to children. (Played in English and Dutch)

- Played for Amnesty International Theatregroup in Amsterdam, the first was a play about Vaclav Havel in which I played different roles. The title was Letters from Olga, directed by Jos Vijverberg in 1999. And I played in Sherezade of the Tafilalt also directed by Jos Vijverberg in 2001.

- Played in a comedy Tum Tum from Imme Dros in 1998.

- Played in Waiting for Godot in 1997, directed by Julie van Drooge. I played Estragon in this piece.


- Dramatic Love – leading part in short movie by Marc Heinen, HKU (july 2007)

- Good times Bad times - playing an police officer in two episodes, will be on television in october 2007.

- Heaven above Holland directed by Rolf van Eijk. (june 2007)

- Honest Love directed by Bert Barten. I played main character Tom, a rational account- manager, there will be more films about the couple Tom and Katelijne. (2007)

- Dutch is working - Drama serie -played a main role as Moshen from Irak, 36 episodes, will be on television and as an educational project on schools. Directed by Roy Bults (Active Pictures). (2007)

- Van Speijk - a serial about the police in Amsterdam, I played a guest role in an exciting scene in the beginning. (2007) Directed by Pollo de Pimentel

- Commercial - a commercial for Ministry of Justice, I played a criminal, was seen on television, internet and newspaper. (2006)

- The Detective Story - Directed by Johan van Berkel, I am playing a gangster who is going to kill the detective. (2006)

- Onderweg naar Morgen - a soap in which I played a guest role in five episodes.

- Ruis - Graduation film directed by Janneke Bruinewoud, it is about a man who is very structured, I play a person who works with him, and is making fun of him. (2006)

- Red the wrong way - Pilot about a lot of people living together in one house I play the computernerd, it is a main role. (2006) (played in English)

- Questioned - A film about the Military in Holland, and how the techniques of questioning could be from the enemy. (played in English)