Frozen memories

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Digital Art

I'm waiting cold and lonely
frozen half way dead
as hopeful lyrics of your love
bounce around in my head

I'm staring at you standing
i can see you, you are so warm
wishing i could hold you
shield you from all harm

my eyes hurt and I'm shaking
my body's feeling: lost
but still i stare at you
through this deadly frost

i wish that you could hear me
my muffled icy screams
but my words seem to be lost
like I'm half way in a dream

my head feels heavy now
my body wants to rest
but my mind is fighting
putting Will-power to the test

i want you in my vision
without you, its all a blurry
but i know now what is happening
I'm slowly slipping under

dying...frozen here
staring at you as you live
preying for god to take me
to you, my life he can give

now i cannot comprehend
my memories at a loss
i cant recall anything
fate is now my boss.

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