NEW SOFTWARE NOKIA 9800   !

The improved channel table allowing 5000 channels to be stored. 18 favorite lists holding 99 channels each, arbitrarily divided between radio and TV
Data channels will be stored in a separate list when doing a new channel search.
There are faster response time in menus, lists and reminder.
When using motor antenna channel change feedback is improved, the rotating wheel is shown in case of excessively long channel changes (approx 5-10 sec)
In all edit channels views (select, lock, rename, rearrange and remove) the STB will tune to the currently selected channel.
When editing a channel it is not saved until the user exit the view.
Transparency in tele text is implemented, use +/- button when teletext is shown
Improvements to the SW have been done to improve lipsync (unsynchronized picture and sound).
Improved first time installation, including e.g. simultaneous vision of signal quality and signal strength.
New menus for configuration of DiSEqC switch.
Updated satellite list for Sat-Scansystem
Nilesat added to the predefined channels.
Instructions for Installing Software Updates via Satellite
The software update can be downloaded via the satellite systems presented in the chart below. Before beginning, verify that your reception is provided by one of these satellites .

Nokia MediaMaster 9800 S

Known to everyone: the Nokia 9800 is one of the first digital satellite receivers and since it is still often used at home and it still can be bought in stores we will describe it a little more.
By its looks it is equal to the newer model 9902 S with the difference that it is held in black. On the right side there is a LCD display that shows the number of the program and other operational information. When the Nokia 9800 is turned on the display will show details about the receiver, software version and other. When the receiver is turned off it shows the time.
On the left there is a lid that hides the viaccess card slot and only one CI-slot for additional modules. There is also a button for using the basic functions of the receiver in case you loose the remote control.

On the backside there are the basic connectors- LNB input, apparently ther is no LNB out as well as on the 9902 S. There are RF connectors for the classic connection to a TV,VCR via a coaxial cable. There are two scart slots that should be used instead of the RF connectors, since they give better sound and picture quality. Also there can be found cynch audio outs, a digital audio line out for the connection to a amplifier or a stereo and there is also a RS 232 port for the connection to a PC, which is meant for the installing of upgraded software, but therefore there is also the option downloading the software from satellites- Astra 1, Hot Bird and Sirius. There is also a connection for the modem. Thatís it. Not very much but it is what it is.

The remote control is similar to the one of the 9902 S, except for the fact that it is black. It suits the hand very well and it serves for handling all functions. It is very sad that youíll have to wait to see something happen after you push a button, but that I so because of the slow software of the Nokia 9800 S.
Thanks to the well done menu the installation is very easy. You have the option of receiving programs of one satellite, two or more satellite if you use the DiSEqC 1.0 switch or the DiSEqC 1.2 protocol in addition to the use of a compatible motor. Older software versions sometimes make trouble with the installation of a motorized antenna.
After the welcome menu you have to enter the basic parameters, choose a satellite and start searching for programs. The program search is very fast and lasts about five minutes for Astra 1 at 19.2°E. after you have finished the search you can start to adjust the program list- delete, move, rename or create favorite lists. The moving and adjusting of programs isnít done that well since it is very slow.
The main advantage of this receiver is the built-in viaccess module so that you can use any viacces card without a problem. Another problem is that there is only one viaccess card-slot since there are many providers emitting in viaccess. Also a great problem is the fact that there is only on CI-slot so that you will have to please yourself with just one additional decoding system, otherwise you will constantly have to stand up and change modules. This is very dull and inconvenient especially since the 9800 S likes to freeze at this operations. Therefore you are best advised to unplug the receiver before changing the modules and cards.
The CI-slots is compatible with all available modules: seca, viaccess, irdeto, conax, nagravision, cryptoworks and any other future system.

The Nokia 9800 S is still a very popular receiver that despite its lacks has many fans. The biggest lacks are the often freezing and the slowness, therefore you will have to unplug the receiver often. Also it is for todayís standard unacceptable that there is only one card slot and only one CI-slot.
Non the less the Nokia 9800 S will display a perfect picture and deliver perfect sound under any circumstances.

Technical data: Nokia 9800 ma1.3

Model: 9800 S
Price: 250€uros
Number of channels: 2000
DiSEqC: 1.0, 1.2
Hard disc drive: no
SR: 2-45 MS/s
Frequency range: 950 - 2150 MHz
LNB in/out: yes/no
Scart: 2
Digital/analog audio out: yes/yes
Embedded system: yes, viaccess
CI slots: yes, 1
S-VHS: no
RS-232: yes
USB: no
EPG: yes
Teletext: yes
Software download PC/satellite: yes/yes
Manufacturer: Nokia
Info tel.: +385 1 307 97 47
Info fax.: +385 1 307 97 48


SATELLITE          FREQUENZ         POL       SR       FEC      PROGRAMM

HOTBIRD               12.539               H       27500         3/4     BULGARIA
THOR                     11.015               H      26000         3/4      TELENOR
ASTRA                 12.669               V       22000         5/6      N-TV
SIRIUS                12.627               H       27500        3/4      SVT EUROPA
TELECOM       12.627               H       27500        3/4       GLOBECAST


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