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Jan Theelen and Frans van den Heuvel


Due personal circumstances, I immediately stopped with the pigeon sport. (sept. 2013)
The loft, the pigeons and other attributes already have a new owner.
Because of this, it is no longer possible to order youngsters or vouchers.

I would also like to thank everyone for the trust in recent 28 years.
I'm confident that we will meet eachother sometime, because "out of sight" means not yet "from the heart".


"A warm Welcome" for every visitor on this website.
Perhaps you did already see it, but I try to update this site as much as possible.
New photo's from the pigeons, loft and other things.

Race results from the current season with a short comment about my pigeons in that race.
and so on.

We hope that you enjoy reading the pages.
Best regards from Anita, Frans and the kids

Anita and Frans 

Purchases 2011 / 2012

In 2011 many original young Jan Theelen pigeons went to Middelbeers.
With those youngsters I did race on my loft. At this moment ( jan. 2012) 2 survived the very horrific Youngbirds season.

Also in 2012 I will reïnforce my team with originals from Jan Theelen
Frans only wants the best from the best his lofts.

More than 80 % from Anita and Frans their colony excists out original Jan Theelen's marathonpigeons
You can name their loft a little "Goldmine" from Jan Theelen birds.

A very good friend from the UK will provide for me 2012 youngbirds,
wich I can race for the ONEDAY middle of longdistance.


"Mabel" 15 prizecards on the extreme long distance



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Text: Frans van den Heuvel - and from my english friend Dennis Wall.

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