The Cathedral - The Restoration of Information

The Cathedral - The Restoration of Information [1998] is a project with which a group of authors is commemorating the tenth anniversary of the performance of the work The Chatedral (23/24/25 - 02 - 1988).

The project consisted of a series of informative and documentary actions, as well as media actions, which took place during 1998. The aim of the project is to provide relevant information on media art via printed matter and the electronic media. This project is a means of providing the facts, and of enlarging the basis of these facts, necessary for the understanding of current and future works in the sphere of interactive media art, specially in Croatia.

[1988.] The Cathedral is an interactive work carried out through the medium of a computer which was realised in the course of six performances during the month of February, 1988 in the Gallery of Expanded Media in Zagreb and as a direct broadcast on Radio 101, Zagreb. This project, which is based on the traditional media art of the 20th century is, from a formal and technological point of view, an innovative one, and is one of the first interactive environment to be generated by a computer. 

> 1998 [Arkzin] reprint of 1988 [SL] magazine advertising.

Conference on media art

Simultaneously in KIC (Cultural Information Centre) with eleven participants and audience and Radio 101 (with five authors). An internet video conference was added to the radio audio link connecting KIC and Radio 101. Broadcasted live. 24 - 02 - 1998 . Zagreb .
list of participants

Documents relating to the project The Cathedral was exhibited in the KIC gallery.

authors at Radio 101 studio

conference's participants in KIC

Josko Lesaja and Apple comp. representative

Ladislav Galeta and Matko Mestrovic, conference participants

> text about The Cathedral 1988 project [English]

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