Darko Fritz & Ivana Müller

 Metro > study 01

 research proposal

ėMetro > study 01ķ is an interdisciplinary research project focused on following issues:
- performance and media study of humain behaviour in a public space of metro station.
- relationship between physically present body and technologically reproduced body.
- reality of electronic image representation / reality of telepresence.
- different possibilities of redefining cultural and public spaces.

The research is organized in several steps:

1. observing, analysing and studying the behaviour, dynamics, tensions, communicational codes of the people using the space of a metro station(s).

2. including a body of a performer in two different ways:
a) by integrating it in the envinroment of the station, here using the patterens which were found out in the previous step of the research.
b) by proposing an unusual or unimpropriate behaviour of the performer to the environment of the station, acting as a sort of virus.

3. working with prerecorded video images from metro station(s) and a physical presence of a performer and researching different possibilities of their interaction. There specific point would be: how can the representation of a body in a public space and a body in an actual space ( studio or a research laboratory) create a new space.

*if possible* we would like to use video material from metro surveillence systems, preferebly live via internet streaming medias. Other possibillitty is using recorded video tapes from metro surveillence systems. The third one is working with our own video equipment.

4. researching different possibilities of representation of this new created space in an electronic image (latter transmitted in a media such as Internet)

5. creating an interface for Internet application (and if possible working with live video streaming media).

An optimal durarion of this research would be three weeks with a presentation at the end of this period.
The work is taking place simultaniously at the metro station and in the research studio/laboratory.
Except the media artist (D.F.), the performer/choreographer (I.M.) and a project leader / coordinator, this project could include participation of a software designer, a teoretician (sociologist, performance / media teoretitian e.t.c.) and a web designer / developer.

    Darko Fritz & Ivana Müller
    Amsterdam, March 2000.