zia mahmood

roll over houdini

jean besse

beware of your trump tricks; when you see a change for an early overruff, don't be to much of a hurry to take it.

gabriel chagas

when you have to develop a shaky suit, consider wether you can prepare for an intra-finesse by ducking with an 8 or 9 on the first round

dorothy hayden truscott

against no trumps, defender's first spot card, unless it is essential to give the count, should indicate attitude to the opening leader's suit

benito garozzo

games may be quietly defended, but slams must be atacked

charles goren

as a defender, consider the advantage of ducking to conceal the lie of the cards or to spoil the timing for a squeeze

bob hamman

if you are ever to amount to anything at this game, you must biuld up a picture of the unseen hands

mike lawrence


per-olov sundelin

if you can't see yourself beating the contract by winning the trick, DUCK IT - even at the cost of a trick

pietro forquet

count the opponents' hands - but when you have counted them, play intelligently

schmuel lev

when you have a holding such as A-Q or A-J in the suit led by partner, do not automatically play 'third hand high'

ed manfield

5 over ? "think twice before you bid over five ; the five level belongs to the opponents"

bernard marcoux a man about universe

harold schogger

don't open onother suit

professor imp 1

an impossible entry

professor imp 2

top for the mini moysian

professor imp 3

a matter of comunication

professor imp 4

a cheap trick

professor imp 5

when 100% is not enough

professor imp 6

one out of three

professor imp 7

playing against Zia

professor imp 8

the main task

professor imp 9

how could I know?

professor imp 10

merely speculation

professor imp 11

Disciplined habits

professor imp 12

pro am

professor imp 13

Seducing partner

professor imp 14

When count counts

jan van cleeff

sparkling switch

barry rigal

the expert game

barry rigal combine your changes, the paths of glory, two for the book, off on the right footing, active ethics
barry rigal place your bets, excellent guess, mea culpa mea maxima culpa
barry rigal how could it matter, pseudo guess, guess I shouldá stayed in bed
barry rigal three problem hands
barry rigal good poker makes good bridge, a matter of trust
barry rigal a painfull experience
barry rigal just rewards, make haste slowly
barry rigal only the names have been changed...., criss-cross quiz
barry rigal don't send a boy on a man's errand, declarer deception, vanderbilt
barry rigal challenging contract, double double - toil and trouble
barry rigal out for the count
barry rigal kirby and amstrong
barry rigal great danes 
barry rigal broken hearts, watch the irish, a brilliant lead
barry rigal a subtle defensive problem
barry rigal a well bid grand, third time....lucky?
barry rigal a hand from poland vs portugal, and from romania vs italy
bary rigal combine your changes, an awkward problem
barry rigal duck I, duck II
barry rigal a good read, intrafinesse extrapolated
barry rigal best of british browsings
barry rigal suit preference signal, those extra little changes, ruff and discard
barry rigal closed hand, cover an honor, challenging suit preference signal
barry rigal going for the gusto, bidding coup, when I die
barry rigal crocodilte block, choose your poison
cathy chua extract from 'fair play or foul'

cathy chua

breaking the rules

cathy chua playing the fool again, slam trouble, the art of making the enemy foolish
onno eskes the reese-shapiro finger signals

grant baze

grant’s message

fred turner

The grosvenor gambit

fred karpin

call me if you lack a player

brian glubok slam dunk
brian glubok the hypothetical king
brian glubok stansby's law, the game above the rim
bridge arkade culbertson 4
edgar kaplan quotes
david burn larry who?
david burn (?) weasel over premption
nikos sarantakos everybody loves a big swing
philip alder bidding or play,  a battle of wits
philip alder deception, sowter style
philip alder top play in the two worlds
philip alder first thought or second?
philip alder the wild one
tony gordon duck entree, an extra change
tony gordon restricted choice
henri bethe lesson hand
maureen dennison dastardly defence, patience is a virtue
stefan back like an open book, my dear watson, a touch of inspiration, keeping up the good tradition
franco broccoli wait until the end, finesses, wake up it's only a dream
franco broccoli the mother of all hands

marshall miles


albert morehead

advanced blocking

david weiss

benito’s secret

saul bronstein 1995 reisinger final
barry rigal 1996 reisinger final
barry rigal the us team trials 1999
unknown 1997 european championship
randy bernett expert's coup I
randy bernett expert's coup II
randy bernett expert's coup III

fred gitelman

improving the 2/1 gameforce part 1

fred gitelman

improving the 2/1 gameforce part 2

fred gitelman

improving the 2/1 gameforce part 3

david bird

brother cameron

david bird bridge at cholmleigh school
svend novrup mr. careful's sad walk
victor mollo hand of the year: a hog's-eye view
david bygott as in a menagerie
mike lawrence what is the value of the fourth trump I
mike lawrence what is the value of the fourth trump II
mike lawrence what is the value of the fourth trump III

larry cohen

partnership style

larry cohen

five easy (?) peaces

knut kjaernsroed a hellness thown-in and squeeze
acbl 2000 an incredible bid by hall-of-fame lazard
acbl 2000 squeezing the declarer, count count count, safety play pays off
acbl 2000 rodwell finds the way, how low can you get?
tim bourke of such things dreams are made, swanson observes,
  it never rains but it pours
rich colker a losing option
a. nonymous proving his point
a. nonymous finding the queens, a non-simultaneous double squeeze
a. nonymous a winkle
a. nonymous an old trick from a new dog
a. nonymous a well played hand
a. nonymous old hat for a senior
a. nonymous report from a victim, challenging hand, the english touch
a. nonymous those extra changes, the right card
a. nonymous barry crane: has it really been ten yeras ago?
a. nonymous squeeze left and right, good technique, a triple squeeze. pressurised
a. nonymous a boston croc, a helping of duck,  bidding requires play
a. nonymous play or defend, a classic swindle, a hand from a columnist
a. nonymous what about zia
a. nonymous test your pairs play
a. nonymous double tough, advantage nickel
a. nonymous what about the patient?
paul bethe california winkle
barnet shenkin you can get good hand on crumpled napkins
alan falk poker face
krzysztof jassem double three-suiter endplay
krzystof oppenheim one bird to a cage
patrick jourdain mello's marvel
patrick jourdain technique pays off
patrick jourdain if they don't cover, they don't have it.....
patrick jourdain entry provided
patrick jourdain concealing the queen
patrick jourdain clash of interest
patrick jourdain a partnership game, bermuda revisited
alan truscott grosvenor coup
alan truscott how to outwit your opponents and the commentators
alan truscott the best defence of the olympiad?
alan truscott women's crossruff - one ruff, one cross
alan truscott did south do anything wrong?, a spot of torture
henry francis a three-suit criss-cross squeeze
radek kielbasinsky the wizard of play
radek kielbasinsky polish defense concerto
radoslaw kielbasinsky don't teach martens
radoslaw kielbasinsky crucial points
radoslaw kielbasinsky be a man
radoslaw kielbasinsky the captains secret weapon
eric kokish award for the best play (wubbo de boer)
jan van cleeff bad luck being non-dutch
jan van cleeff the guy on my left, dutch dilemma
mark horton champions all
mark horton deception, sowter style
elena maitova stepping stone
tommy sandsmark throwém in!
ton schipperheyn stepping stone
alan hiron two 'might have beens'
alan hiron bridge movie
alan hiron find the queen
ioan bob listen and lead
ioan bob submarine squeeze
ioan bob my partner, the opponent
sam leckie more than one way to skin a cat
leckie/hallen fun in amsterdam, fun in milan too
toine van hoof was she pushed or did she fall, a triple grand coup in defence
toine van hoof breaking the saucer
toine van hoof timeo danaos et stories
van hoof/crory breaking the squeeze/breaking the squeeze for sure
toine van hoof a difficult discard
toine van hoof dutch team wins schiphol
lars blakset effective signalling
steen muller the come-off signal
steen muller the operation was a succes
lund/sandsmark who laughs last, laughs best!
fritz kubak name that squeeze
heinz guthwert a battle against the hellenic
heinz guthwert how the frozen suit came in from the cold
ron's mother respect!
ron's mother they are all 50%, ron!
ron's mother a farewell
sam leckie a letter to ma andersen
roger lord what have might been
sven-olov flodqvist bridge is an easy game
the lift part three
luis francos smart play
john macgregor what would you do?
jon sveindal a rare norwegian bird
jon sveindal the club 5 en passant to land 5 clubs!
jon sveindal a norwegian artist at work, another norwegian endplay
marty bergen if declarer is smart, defenders must be smarter
ergun korkut no turkish delight for the poles
christer anderson last round turkish delight
david lindop life imitates art, double beheading
cadi tazi hands that make the difference, a good reflex
max rebattu curious hands
david stern care required
dennis sorensen squeeze play!
mathew granovetter keycard blackwood and beyond
mathew granovetter it was nothing
mathew granovetter searching for a queen
ron klinger eric's wonderful idea
ron klinger the lionesses'den
richard odlin a loosing squeeze card
david rodney I learned my lesson
alfred sheinwold second hand high, a four-twoitish fit
adam wildavsky beware of gifts, my favorite partner, the play's the thing
gary oleson breaking up a squeeze, squeeze reprise, deduce
adam wildavsky the wildavsky quartet
eddie kantar like the old days
ray lee masters of the moysian