Life Imitates Art by David Lindop



                            S  K 9 4

                            H  Q J 7

                            D  A K 9 8 4 3

                            C  9

            S  J                           S  Q 7 6 3

            H  9 5 4 3                     H  10 8 6

            D  Q 5 2                       D  ---

            C  Q J 10 8 3                  C  A 7 6 5 4 2

                            S  A 10 8 5 2

                            H  A K 2

                            D  J 10 7 6

                            C  K


         WEST         NORTH         EAST         SOUTH

         David         -           Audrey         -

          -            -             -           1S

         Pass         2D           Pass          4C (1)

         Pass         4D           Pass          4H

         Pass         6S           Dbl           All Pass


       (1) Splinter (short clubs and a fit for diamonds)


The slam wasn't a great one, but was destined to make on the lead of the CQ. After East wins the CA and leads a heart, declarer can win in hand, lead a spade dummy's SK and then finesse the S8 on the way back (using the Rule of Restricted Choice). Back to dummy with the HQ, and another spade finesse to draw all of East's trumps. A diamond to dummy reveals the bad split, so declarer comes back to the South hand with a heart and takes the diamond finesse . . . viola!


That, of course, is without Audrey's double. The double of a freely-bid slam is typically played as a "Lightner double", asking for an unusual lead . . . dummy's first bid suit, for example. Not without a little trepidation, I led a diamond. Audrey ruffed and took the CA. Down one . . . and a potential loss had been turned into a win on the board.



Double beheading

David Lindop of Toronto had fun with this deal from the opening round of the Rosenblum Cup Teams, tossing two kings under aces -- and not just for show. Lindop was playing with George Colter of Halifax.

Love All. Dealer North.

                  S 7
                  H K J 7
                  D A J 10 8 7
     WEST         C A 9 7 3     EAST
     S 9 4 3 2                  S K 10 6
     H 10 8 2                   H A Q 5 3
     D Q 2                      D K 3
     C J 10 5 2                 C K 8 6 4
                  S A Q J 8 5
                  H 9 6 4
                  D 9 6 5 4
                  C Q

     WEST      NORTH      EAST       SOUTH
     Colter               Lindop
               1D         1NT        2S
     All Pass

Colter led the DQ, won in dummy. Declarer played a spade to the queen and followed with the ace, on which Lindop played the king. Under the mistaken impression that spades were 5-2, declarer turned his attention to diamonds, playing a low one to the jack. Lindop won the DK and sacrificed royalty again by playing the CK, pinning the queen in declarer's hand and  further complicating matters for declarer in his poor contract.
Declarer tried a diamond, but Lindop ruffed, getting his trump trick back, and tapped South with a club return. The  inelegant contract finished down one. With their teammates playing a more reasonable diamond contract at the other table, it was a 5-IMP gain.