Duck, Part I


Eddie Wold lured declarer into taking a second, disastrous diamond finesse on this deal:


                  Dlr: West   9 8 5 4 3  

                  Vul: Both   H 10 

                             D A Q J 6 4 2    

                             C 7        

                  S 7 6                   S A J 2

                  H K Q 8 6 5             H J 9 7 2

                  D 10 7 3                D K 9

                  C J 8 2                 C Q 9 6 5

                             S K Q 10   

                             H A 4 3    

                             D 8 5

                             C A K 10 4 3     


                  West     North    East     South

                  Pass     Pass     Pass     1NT

                  Pass     2H (1)   Pass     2S

                  Pass     3NT      Pass     4S

                  All Pass               


                  (1) Transfer to spades.


The opening lead was the HK. Declarer won and took the diamond finesse. East (Wold) ducked smoothly. He ducked again when a spade was led from dummy.

Declarer won the SK, cashed the CA and ruffed a club to lead another spade. Wold won the SA and led a heart for dummy to ruff. Declarer picked up the last trump with his SQ, denuding all hands of trumps. He confidently cashed the CK and led a diamond, finessing the jack when West followed low. Wold now produced the DK and East-West took the rest of the tricks with the CQ and two good hearts for plus 200.



Duck, Part II


Larry Mori refused to take his HQ when it was offered at trick two but he got the trick back with interest when it was offered again at trick seven.


                  Dlr: South  S Q 3

                  Vul: None   H Q 9 8 6  

                             D 10 5 4   

                             C J 10 9 5 

                  S A 7                   S K 6 5 4

                  H A K J 10 3            H 7 2

                  D A K 8 3 2             D Q 7

                  C K                     C A Q 8 7 3

                              S J 10 9 8 2     

                             H 5 4

                             D J 9 6    

                             C 6 4 2    


                  West     North    East     South


                  1C (1)   Pass     1S (2)   Pass

                  2H       Pass     3C       Pass

                  3D       Pass     3S       Pass

                  4D       Pass     4H       Pass

                  6H       Pass     6NT      All Pass


                  (1) Forcing and artificial.

                  (2) Shows three controls.


Mori was playing with David Sacks, who led the SJ. Declarer considered the possibilities: four heart tricks looked like a better bet than five diamonds. Accordingly, declarer won the SK and led a low heart: low, jack, low – smoothly and in  tempo.

Visions of an overtrick danced in declarer’s head. He played the CK, went to his hand with the DQ and cashed the CA Q, pitching low diamonds. Now he led his last heart: low, H10, HQ. Mori cashed his CJ for plus 50 and all the matchpoints.