A good read by Barry Rigal


Dave Treadwell read the position nicely here.


                            S  Q 10 3

Dlr: North                  H  8 7 4

Vul: N-S                    D  10 7 4 2

                            C  Q 7 6

            S  A K J 6 5                   S  7 4 2

            H  A 9                         H  Q 6 2

            D  A 8 3                       D  Q 6 5

            C  A 3 2                       C  K 8 5 4

                            S  9 8

                            H  K J 10 5 3

                            D  K J 9

                            C  J 10 9


He played 3NT as West after opening 2NT and would have been struggling on a heart lead. But on a diamond lead he took the jack with the ace and guessed to lead three rounds of spades.


South should encourage a heart shift but actually chose to signal for diamonds. North dutifully played the intellectual D10 on the off chance that it might pin the singleton 9. Treadwell covered and the defense cashed their two diamonds before exiting with the CJ. Now what is the defense to do?


If North overtakes, Treadwell can play three rounds of clubs to endplay South. When North ducked the CJ, Treadwell relied on a 3-3 break in clubs to make his nine tricks.


If North shifts to a heart at trick five, Treadwell can still make by playing South for both red kings and executing a strip-squeeze. It is not easy to do this however.



Intrafinesse extrapolated by Barry Rigal


For those of you not already sick to death of the subject, Kit Woolsey demonstrated that there are plenty of examples of the genre.


                            S  10 3

Dlr: North                  H  K 3

Vul: None                   D  A Q 10 7 4

                            C  A 6 5 2

         S  Q 5                            S  A J 8 7 2

         H  Q 10 9 6 5 4 2                 H  J 8 7

         D  6                              D  9 5 2

         C  K 7 3                          C  Q 10

                            S  K 9 6 4

                            H  A

                            D  K J 8 3

                            C  J 9 8 4


         WEST         NORTH         EAST         SOUTH

          -           1D            1S           2D

         3H           3NT           4H           4NT

         All Pass


Kit as North reached 4NT after a heavily contested auction.


On a heart lead declarer needs the club suit to produce three tricks. No problem! Win the HA, cross to a diamond, take one more top diamond to find West with shortage and then play East for the CQ-10 or the CK-10 by leading up to the jack, then playing accordingly. Plus 430 was a fine result for Woolsey.