Mello's Marvel
                                               by Patrick Jourdain (GB)

Brazil might have been far behind USA I in the Bermuda Bowl Final but they were still able to produce great plays, as Bob Hamman reported.
                           Dealer North;.

                          S  A K 4
                          H  A T 6 5 4
                          D  4 3
                          C  K T 9
         S  6 2                              S  Q J 9 5 3
         H  2                                H  Q J 9 7 3
         D  A J 8 6 5 2                      D  K 9 7
         C  J 8 6 5                          C  - -
                          S  T 8 7
                          H  K 8
                          D  Q T
                          C  A Q 7 4 3 2

         West        North       East        South
         Soloway     Ganz        Hamman      Mello
         -           1H          1S          2C
         2D          Pass        Pass        3C
         Pass        3S          Pass        4C
         Pass        5C          Pass        Pass
         Dble        All Pass   

At the other table USA I had gone two light in Five Clubs, so Mello faced a tough task when doubled. Soloway led his singleton heart. Mello won in hand, and started with a key play, finessing the nine of trumps on the first round. He was now able to draw trumps in four rounds. Hamman, East, began by discarding two spades and a diamond, but was already in trouble on the fourth trump. He could not afford another spade, and a heart discard would enable declarer to set up the
suit, so he had to throw another diamond. He chose to throw a small diamond, leaving himself with the bare king.
Reading the position perfectly, Mello exited with a low diamond to East, who was endplayed for the first time. Hamman exited with a high spade, won in dummy. Now came the coup de grace. Mello exited from dummy with a low heart! Hamman was forced to win with the jack and concede a trick with his return. Declarer's other diamond went away on dummy's extra winner.
The players later analysed what would have happened if, on the fourth trump, Hamman had unblocked his diamond king. Mello had the answer: "I know the ending. I cash my top spades, and exit with a diamond to West. He can only run diamonds, and then East gets squeezed." 12 IMPS to Brazil.