Mike Levine of Boca Raton FL was faced with the problem of finding the minor suit queens on this deal:


Dlr: South               S  T75

Vul: Both                H  KQT74

                         D  K873

                         C  9

          S  AK642                     S  983

          H  932                       H  85

          D  Q6                        D  T92

          C  A83                       C  Q7652

                         S  QJ

                         H  AJ6

                         D  AJ54

                         C  KJT4


          WEST       NORTH       EAST       SOUTH

           -          -           -         1NT

          Pass       2D (1)      Pass       2NT (2)

          Pass       4H          All Pass


         (1) Transfer to hearts.

         (2) Maximum with three hearts.


West cashed two top spades and the CA, then switched back to spades. Levine pitched a club on the third spade and drew three rounds of trumps as East discarded a club. Levine was positive that East had the CQ because West had cashed the ace, but the DQ was a problem.

He took the CK and ruffed a club, leaving this position:


                         S  --

                         H  T

                         D  K 8 7

                         C  --


             S  6 4                 S  --

             H  --                  H  --

             D  Q 6                 D  T 9 2

             C  --                  C  Q


                         S  --

                         H  --

                         D  A J 5

                         C  J


When Levine now cashed the last trump, East was forced to part with a diamond to keep the CJ covered. West parted with a spade, but Levine had all the information he needed. East had two diamonds left, so it was clear that West had started with the queen doubleton. He took his top diamonds, and down came the queen.




                                   A NON-SIMULTANEOUS DOUBLE SQUEEZE


Christine Carmichael, a new member of the ACBL Junior Corps, didn't find the dummy she was expecting but she quickly recovered and landed her 7H contract.



Dlr: South               S T652

Vul: None                H  T5

                         D  K985

                         C  QJT

                         S  K           S  AJ7

          H  AKJ932                     H  Q864

          D  QJ4                        D  A63

          C  A72                        C  K93

                         S  Q9843

                         H  7

                         D  T72

                         C  8654


After a Blackwood sequence, Carmichael (West) bid 5NT and her partner responded 6D, showing one king. Carmichael, however, thought the partnership showed specific kings and she bid the grand.

North led the CQ and Carmichael won the ace in her hand. She drew two rounds of hearts, cashed the SK and led the

DQ. North covered with the king and Carmichael won dummy's ace. Now she cashed the SA, pitching a club, and ran hearts.


This was the position:

                         S  -

                         H  -

                         D  98

                         C  JT


            S  -                    S  J

            H  2                    H  -

            D  J4                   D  6

            C  7                    C  K9


                         S  Q9

                         H  -

                         D  T7

                         C  -


When Carmichael cashed her last heart, North was squeezed in the minors. He pitched a diamond and dummy discarded a club while South pitched a low spade.

Now a club to dummy squeezed South in spades and diamonds.