By Radislaw Kielbasinsky


The Polish players are sometimes compared to magicians. Here are a couple of examples:


Vanishing Trick


The only bright spot came on this deal where Cezary Balicki made a difficult contract and saved what might turn out to be a

vital couple of Victory Points.


                         S  K 5

East/West Game           H  A K 9 7 2

Dealer East              D  A 9 7 2

                         C  A 5

       S  8 4                            S  A J T 3

       H  J 8                            H  T 5 4 3

       D  K Q J 8 5 3                    D  T

       C  8 7 3                          C  T 9 4 2

                         S  Q 9 7 6 2

                         H  Q 6

                         D  6 4

                         C  K Q J 6


     West           North          East           South

                   Balicki                      Zmudzinski

      -              -             Pass           Pass

     2D             Dbl            Pass           4S

     Pass           5H             All Pass


Balicki didn't like the idea of playing in 4S. If partner's hand included H Qxx and a singleton diamond, there might

well be a slam. He won the opening diamond lead with the ace and played two rounds of trumps. The fall of the jack

from West combined with the bidding persuaded him that trumps would be 4-2. In that case he appeared to have three

losers - a spade, a heart and a diamond.


Here is how he made one of them disappear!


He continued with the SK. East took the ace and played a club. Declarer won with the ace, played a spade to the queen and ruffed a spade. That was followed by three winning clubs and another spade ruff. The HK was his 11th trick. At trick 13 East had to ruff his partner's diamond winner.



Magic Fit


On this deal Gardynik/Przybora bid the spots off their cards and reached game with only 20 points and no five card suit between them!


                         S  T 7 5 4

Love All                 H  K 9 7 4

Dealer West              D  2

                         C  Q J 7 6

       S  Q 2                            S  K J 8 3

       H  5 3 2                          H  J 6

       D  A 9 6 4 3                      D  K Q J 8 5

       C  9 8 5                          C  K 2

                         S  A 9 6

                         H  A Q T 8

                         D  T 7

                         C  A T 4 3


     West           North          East           South

                   Przybora                      Gardynik

     Pass           Pass           1D             Dbl

     2D             2H             3D             Dbl

     Pass           4H             All Pass


The second double was a game try in hearts. Przybora, deciding that his points were working and hoping his singleton diamond would be important, bid the game without hesitation.


At the other table East/West were allowed to play in 3D down one.