Last round Turkish delight by Christer Andersson (Sweden)

The board below was spectacular. Ince earned 10 IMPs by making 4S, while the same contract was down one in the other Room:

Love All. Dealer West.

                          S K83
                          H 93
                          D A9752
                          C AKJ
              S 6                  S 9542
              H AQJ8652            H 7
              D KT                 D Q63
              C T74                C Q9652
                          S AQJT7
                          H KT4
                          D J84
                          C 83
Open Room

             West      North      East        South
           Danyliuk    Ozdil     Danyliuk     Ince
              1H        Dbl       Pass        2H
             Pass       2S        Pass        4S
            All Pass

East lead his singleton heart to partners Jack. West continued with the H AQ and Ozdil ruffed high in his hand. Declarer now played one round of trumps (S8), to keep the communication between hands open and hoping for split honors in diamonds, followed with DA and a low card in the suit.
It was of no help for West to throw away his DK on the Ace. In with the DK he tried a club, but Ozdil could win it in his hand and play four rounds of trumps, to squeeze East in the minors. This was the situation before the last trump:

                          S --
                          H --
                          D 9
                          C KJ
               S --               S --
               H J                H --
               D --               D Q
               C T7               C Q9
                          S 7
                          H --
                          D J
                          C 8

On the last trump from the dummy, Ozdil discarded the diamond from his own hand and East elected to keep both minor suit queens, discarding the C9. Feeling that East most probably would play the ten, if he T9 left in clubs, declarer played a club to the King and made his contract.